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If you are selling a machine gun collection, Midwest Tactical Inc., will come to you: by air. Frank Goepfert, MWT founder and president, owns and operates a Cirrus SR22 airplane. Since two other company employees are also pilots, MWT can cover the map to meet with customers and close deals on machine gun collections.

Our Services: Nothing else in the gun business is as regulated as Title II firearms such as: machine guns, suppressors and short-barreled guns.
A Class III machine gun dealer must know federal and state gun regulations inside and out, along with knowing current market values and the players in the trade.
We are staffed with NFA specialists who deal with trusts, estates, National Firearms Act (NFA) transfers and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) regulations.

We will pay upfront for your firearms, and we will do the ATF paperwork for you.