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Benson Firearms -   Class III, Tactical and Sporting Firearms

Hogan Metal Products - is your online NFA sales dealer. We sell machine guns, FFL transfers, We buy machine guns, NFA sales are strictly regulated. Call us to legally buy your next machine gun or suppressor. We carry transferable machine guns like, AC556, MP5, Uzis, MAC 10 and Mac 11's, M-16's, AK47's, and more. We are a Class II manufacturer specializing in integral suppression of .22 Rim fire type guns.
Integral suppression renders a product that looks like the normal factory host, in bull barrel format. The modified gun is typically more accurate and so quiet you won't believe it is a .22! This works great with both pistols and rifles.

Our biggest sellers have been the Mark II and 10/22. However, we can integral suppress almost any bull barrel type rim fire. We do lots of custom work too.

We offer thread on suppressors for almost any gun as well. Our FGP22A is among the lightest and most effective thread on silencers for the P22. Check it out.

One of the questions we most often hear from people is " Aren't silencers illegal? " Most people are not familiar with the federal and state laws pertaining to silencers. Almost any law abiding citizen can legally own a registered silencer. It requires less paper work than buying a car. They are legal in most states.
Silencers have a realistic application in the civilian market. They are becoming more popular all the time because of encroachment of urban sprawl upon public shooting areas. An unsuppressed firearm is loud and obnoxious! Suppressors will alleviate the need for hearing protection and improve accuracy.
And -- They are cool! there is something about hearing the bullet whack the target!

*Please see our legal section for a detailed map of restricted states. Call us with any question you might have.