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"Midwest Tactical Inc. is producing a limited number of very unique, high-end AK47's."
Custom Milled AK-47s
                   Introductory Price:      $1500
Hungarian Style AK 47's
Romanian Style AK 47's
Romanian Style AK 47 with Folding Stock
From Midwest Tactical Inc.
This is a limited production run of only 200 guns.

This project was started with the understanding that customers prefer the quality of the milled receiver, custom built AK, of which this latest Midwest Tactical offering is an excellent choice.

It was the goal of the Midwest Tactical team to build the absolute highest quality AKM possible, and offer it at a price the common man can afford. The project began with the search for the highest quality parts available.

The Midwest Tactical design incorporates Hungarian milled receiver components with an AKM style build.
AK enthusiasts know the military chrome lined Hungarian milled barrels are heavier and of better quality than their AKM counter parts.

Midwest Tactical's unique design incorporates a threaded front trunnion to accept the threaded heavy barrel. The CNC process which was employed for building these trunnions insured that the thread timing and factory head space specifications were perfectly maintained. This increased the accuracy of these guns significantly.

Bulgarian hardwood furniture was imported and professionally finished with a super hard urethane finish. This along with the heavy barrel and nickel bolt Carrier set these guns apart from the rest.

Midwest Tactical backs up their product with a life time warranty.

Midwest Tactical is offering an introductory price of $1500 on these guns.
Wood is offered in three different finishes. These guns ready for immediate shipment, but wont last long.